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Market-leading point of sale solutions with decades of experience and real-world applications


Power your on-site retail offering with a system that has been tried and tested for decades in some of the most demanding shopping locations around. Total retail management from Purchase Ordering to Sales Processing including fully integrated Stock Control.


With online functionality, the shopping never has to stop! Using the integrated ecommerce module you can have sales 24/7 and putting them on your website can be completed in only a couple of clicks of your mouse.


With a fully-integrated package, anything can be done anywhere in the venue. Selling tickets in the gift shop? No problem. Guide books at the online box office? Go ahead! Order a product from your home or car and collect on arrival, it's all included.


Effective solutions for changing times


Whether it's an on-site gift shop or vast retail outlet, benefit from decades of experience within the retail sector.


Utilise a host of powerful functions to add value to your customers including BOGOF, Link Save, Dump Bin, Loyalty Cards and even Membership Discounts.


Powerful stock control functionality allow you to see at a glance what your best and worst performing lines are, allowing you to maximise your inventory and stock only the things you know that customers want.


Manage supplier (and customer) accounts with ease, all from one powerful retail solution. Links directly into 3rd party accounting systems for fully detailed Nominal Analysis, Balance Sheet, etc.


New terminals can be added at any time - even via tablets or laptops - allowing you to add additional tills when you need them most and remove them when they're not in use. The integrated Merlin network utility will ensure that any new device is automatically updated with the latest data files once it has been installed.


Add hot keys - and even hot pages – including your own choice of colours and graphics to ensure that your staff can quickly and easily identify the product and also to ensure that your most popular products can be sold directly from the main point of sale screen, with accurate up to date stock control.

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