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Powerful functionality
with portable convenience

Scalable solutions that adapt to your needs


Being able to be deployed on something as versatile as a tablet, with wireless chip & pin, kiosk solutions can be deployed in the smallest of spaces. They can be used as part of a fixed physical location or even installed in a temporary enclosure for a drive-in cinema, Christmas Fayre, etc.


Deploy additional tablets at your busiest times for effective queue management, or even outdoor events and then store them safely out of the way when they're not in use.


Mobile terminals can be utilised for any purpose including ticket redemption, retail terminals and even off-site functionality (as pop-up shops or ticket counters, for example).


Effective solutions for changing times


Small, powerful terminals offering the full functionality of an EPOS terminal in a compact and affordable package.


Additional portable terminals can be called into service at a moment's notice.

Reduced queues/

Less congestion - great for your customers; great for you.

/Increased sales

Faster order processing equals less customer frustration and more transactions in less time.


Avoid having heavy terminals sitting unused in seasonal areas of your location but easily move tablets to where you need them.

/Time & Cost Effective

Maximise your resources with a system that works for you, whatever you need it to be.

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