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Comprehensive event management solutions that won't let you down


Whatever type of attraction or event, the system allows you to create the appropriate booking for any specific date or time.


Once an order is placed and payment made the system will automatically send out a confirmation email with the tickets attached. In addition, the customer will also receive a 'welcome' email once the booking is completed.


The customer will also receive a 'reminder' email 24 hours ahead of their visit to remind them of the actual booking made. In addition, once they have attended the event they will also receive a 'thankyou' email together with any appropriate additional marketing material you want to include.


Effective solutions for changing times


Suitable for any type of event that has fixed dates, times and seats if appropriate. Full diary functionality ensures that all bookings are confirmed for the correct sessions.


At-a-glance overviews of forthcoming events and ticket availability.


Your box office is open 24/7 so that you can sell tickets online anywhere and at any time with complete confidence that the customer's needs are being met.


Customers receive their tickets via email within moments of their booking, meaning that on arrival they can have the ticket scanned directly or on their mobile device to gain immediate entry. No queuing or waiting around, book online, arrive, scan and enter.


Souvenir tickets can be produced, linked directly to the event and provide a special keepsake for any unforgettable occasions.


Irrespective of the event type or activity you can manage your entire venue from one single point of access via the integrated dashboard.

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