Merlin Tickets Online booking platform

In-house developed ticketing system

In response to demand, we developed Merlin Tickets as an integrated solution for our customers to quickly and easily sell products, tickets and memberships online, all from one single, centralised, management solution.


Customisable booking platform for venues

Customisable booking platform for venues

  • Real-time stock updates, preventing overselling from tills or online
  • Sell Memberships, products or tickets
  • Easily set maximum capacities and head-counts for family tickets
  • Run the same event on repeat on different days and time slots.
  • White label booking site with your logo's and colour scheme
  • AA Compliant booking site
  • Add products to tills & online simultaneously from Merlin Back office

Merlin Tickets works as both a standalone, or a fully integrated ticketing system. By using Merlin for both, many of our customers benefit from synergy between the two points of sale, leading to many advantages in reporting, forecasting and administration.

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How to sell tickets online

Merlin Tickets works from a standalone web platform, which can be integrated into your own website via a widget. We use third party payment providers to ensure PCI DSS standards are upheld at all times.

For more information about Merlin Tickets, visit our dedicated website or demo site on the links below.

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