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Merlin Online

Merlin is well equipped to handle all types of retail, admissions and charities.

Merlin now offers a seamless, integrated solution that works with Merlin Back Office to give you the power to publish tickets, events, memberships and products (including clothing using the in-built size/style matrix) with the touch of a button. No duplicated data and no difficult entry systems. Just create your product or offering, tick the box that says "show online" and bingo you're up and running. This event, promotion or product will immediately appear in your web site 'shop'.

By utilising Merlin you now have the option to sell tickets, or products or BOTH at the same time, allowing you to piggyback product sales on the back of event tickets (and vice-versa), improving your add-on sales, increasing your profit margin and broadening your customer base.

Fully Hosted

Merlin® hosts and maintains your online shop on secure servers that boast over 99% uptime, ensuring that you're always open for business 24/7!

Secure Payments

Most major credit and debit cards are accepted, making sure that customers face no barriers to purchasing your products and tickets.

Tickets, Events, Memberships and Products

Merlin® is unique in the fact that we allow you to sell online tickets, memberships, specific event bookings and products all at the same time, in one simple transaction. This ability will increase your sales potential and broaden your online sales activity.

Fully Integrated with Merlin EPOS

Merlin® On-line comes FREE with every copy of Merlin® Retail and Venue Management System to give you total control over your business. All products are created and published within Merlin® to keep track of what you sell in store and online. This includes any other type of Customer Not Present sales you accept, such as mail order, catalogue or tele-sales. Full reporting and back office functionality is included as standard.

Gift Aid Enabled

When selling online, making the most out of your sales is vital and charitable organisations are no exception to this. Merlin® is fully Gift Aid ready and allows you to offer online customers the Gift Aid option during the checkout process. All details are collected and stored within Merlin® ready to claim back that much-needed extra 25%.

White label web design

Merlin makes sure your website is fully designed to your own brand. Even the e-tickets are designed specifically for you.

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